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for the London Sinfonietta

spindrift (n):

‘the fine spray blown from cresting waves during a gale’

This sketch really only explores one idea - a fairly consistent block of sound with polyrhythmic pulsations. The ensemble works like a machine, with each layer moving at different rates, depending on pitch content. Higher pitches flutter at a fast rate, while lower pitches pulse slower. All gestures are based on a fall of a perfect fourth, followed by pulsations. These traits are based on the processes of a specific software synthesizer I used in an electronic piece, apricity, earlier this year.

spindrift was written for the finals of the ROSL Composition Award 2020 with the London Sinfonietta.

[ Fl.=AFl., Cl., Pno., Vib., Vln., Vc. ]

spindriftXan Gill
00:00 / 01:04

Full instrumentation:

Flute (= Alto Flute), Clarinet in Bb, Piano, Vibraphone, Violin, Cello

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