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Modes of Change

for orchestra

'Modes of Change' was inspired by Harrison Birtwistle’s 'The Triumph Of Time'. In the work, Birtwistle depicts a 16th century etching by Pieter Bruegel that shows the passing of time in the form of a marauding band of skeletons in a cart. To achieve the perspective of the etching, Birtwistle uses what Michael Hall (in 'Harrison Birtwistle', 1984) calls ‘layers of significance’ where melodic material appears in different layers, and in different levels of importance.

'Modes of Change' takes this idea further – the piece seeks to evoke a passing, ominous presence in the same manner, but exploiting the layers of significance to their fullest extent.

The piece won the Univeristy of Bristol Composition Prize in 2017.

[ full orchestra ]

Modes of ChangeXan Gill
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