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8 '

sun, drums & soil

for Mark Simpson, Huw Watkins & Zoë Martlew

Sun, drums & soil is a short work for clarinet trio inspired by Stravinsky's miniature 'Pour Pablo Picasso' (1917). 

The piece takes inspiration from the physicality of the quickly-drafted miniature. Stravinsky has turned what appears to be a blank hotel telegram on its side and written the music directly onto it, with the horizontal dotted lines of the page now vertical, cutting through the music. He also spells 'Picasso' vertically. 

Sun, drums & soil uses the idea of changed/warped viewpoints, a concept central to the quickly-emerging Cubism movement in visual art. A short fragment of material is viewed from a great many different angles; the piece is a kaleidoscope constructed from abstracted versions of the same music. 

The piece was premiered by Mark Simpson, Huw Watkins & Zoë Martlew in February 2020.

[ Cl.=BCl., Pno., Vln. ]

sun, drums & soilXan Gill
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Full instrumentation:

Clarinet in Bb (=Bass Clarinet), Piano, Cello

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